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ВАВ. Air Circuit Breakers ВАВ 0.4кV up to 150 кА

We are announcing new ACB product line-up AKEL – BAB

  • AKEL BAB – full range of high quality ACB with high breaking capacity presented in 4 frame sizes
  • Various combination of busbars accompanied by fixed or withdrawal type of circuit breaker allows you to use AKEL ACB in all types of switchboards for 0.4kV class.
  • 52 types of accessories support safety interlocking signaling for complicated solutions and high responsibility projects
  • Our ACB have all types of protection functions:
    • - selective protection from interphase short circuit
    • - earth-leakage protection
    • - overload protection
    • - unbalance frequency and current protection
    • - unbalance load protection
    • - logical selective protection
  • 4 types of electronic protection relays allow you to monitor the line and load side and adjust current, voltage, power, coefficient of power, frequency, also data transfer using Modbus and Profibus-DP protocol.
  • Nominal current range is from 630А to 6300А
  • Breaking capacity is from 65kА to 150kА*
  • Nominal insulation voltage 1000V
  • Nominal impulse withstand voltage up to 12kV
  • Guaranteed durability:
    • - mechanical up to 20000 cycles
    • - electrical up to 5000 cycles

* We can assemble special solution with 150kA on request for our partner.