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ВА-55. Molded case circuit breakers ВА-55 up to 85 kА

We are announcing new MCCB product line-up AKEL – BA-55

  • Current product is used for power distribution switchboards for the line and load protection in 0.4kV networks up to 1200A
  • MCCB has 10 frame sizes from 30AF to 1200AF
  • Nominal current from 3А to 1200А
  • Various range of breaking capacity from 10kA to 85 kА
  • Nominal insulation voltage 750V
  • Nominal impulse withstand voltage up to 8kV
  • MCCB has thermomagnetic trip unit with fixed and adjusted trip units and electronic trip units for 1200AF
  • Using our equipment you can achieve selective protection and overcurrent protection
  • Various number of accessories helps to obtain complex solutions